5 Inspirational Quotes from donees

Sep 1, 2018 | Inspiration

“Words can’t say how grateful I am for you and your gift…your generosity and belief in me inspire me to work even harder towards my goals and dreams.”

(This donee was able to attend an intensive, residential, performing arts program thanks to her Donor’s generosity.)

“I will always cherish each moment at my school, and I’m humbled and appreciative for all you’ve done on my behalf. I truly appreciate it.”

(A Donor was able to fill the scholarship gap for this motivated donee, who is now attending a distinguished private high school.)

“I want to thank you for helping my dream come true. I will work hard and never forget you helped make this possible with your kind generosity.”

(This donee hoped to attend private school to fulfill his grandmother’s wishes. Thanks to his Donor, he is now attending a private high school.)

“My school in itself is a little community made up of different cultures and girls who aspire to become something spectacular one day.”

(This donee wanted to find a strong school community, one that did not exist at her local public school. Thanks to her Donor, she is now attending a highly-ranked private high school.)

“Thank you so much for helping me in my new prostheses. I was so surprised to find out that I was going to have it. Thanks to your foundation taking part in making it all happen for me. Now I can grow and improve my ability and become a Paralympic runner. This is a big factor in my future of running because I now feel like I can run an extra mile.”

(Thanks to his Donor’s generosity, this donee was provided with a high quality, everyday prosthetic leg, and a prosthetic blade that will allow him to pursue his passion of competitive cross-country running.)

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