A Donor’s inspiration, a donee’s story of perseverance…

Aug 1, 2018 | Donor stories, Featured

Donors often come to one2one USA with the hope of donating to a cause inspired by their own personal experiences. Recently, we worked with Donors – a husband and a wife- who came to us with a specific cause in mind. The husband’s sister had suffered from diabetes and, as a result, lost two of her limbs. The Donors had helped the sister by providing her with high quality prostheses, which markedly improved her quality of life. Unfortunately, she passed away and the Donors were searching for a way to honor her life. They were also hoping to form a connection with a young adult who could benefit from a better-quality prosthesis.

With the help of our partner, A Step Ahead Prosthetics, we found a young, motivated donee with a passion for cross-country running. He had been competing with an everyday prosthetic leg, which was not only painful, but lacked adequate mobility in the ankle and weighed 25 pounds! Thanks to our Donors, this donee now has a new lightweight everyday prosthesis, a blade designed perfectly for running and new supporters in his corner.

We are so honored to have been able to pair these Donors with this donee and know that the connection they have will leave a lasting impact.

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