Recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic will require an unprecedented global effort

To connect Donors with those affected, one2one USA has created an innovative, National Program to provide critical resources to those who need them most.

You can have a direct and meaningful impact

We are working on Donor-customized Programs to assist workers and families affected by COVID-19. We are committed to connecting Donors directly to individuals in the industries that have been most affected, including:


Sports and Events Industry


Restaurant Industry


Teaching and Education


Travel and Entertainment Industry


Healthcare Industry

one2one will assist by working with strategic partnerships in select locations to provide grants to:


provide funds for suspended workers’ expenses


provide educational resources for students


fund the medical treatment of COVID-19 patients

The one2one Protocol:

Donors can contribute to our general National COVID-19 Relief Program or create their own program:

  1. For those creating customized programs, upon receiving a Donor’s contribution, o2o will discuss with the Donor the parameters of who they would most like to assist and geographic location of interest.
  2. Working with our partners, o2o will determine needy cases in a given industry or area.
  3. The one2one Team will carefully screen applicants to determine whether funding is needed.
  4. o2o will determine the best way to implement funding to assist people in crisis.

As the impact of this pandemic progresses, we will continue to evaluate the industries most affected by this crisis to include in our Programs.

Join our efforts to help those affected by COVID-19.

Alternative ways to pay

Send a check to:

one2one USA Foundation
P.O. Box 727
Short Hills, NJ 07078

Wiring instructions:

JP Morgan Chase, N.A.
111 Wall Street
New York, New York 10005
ABA No.: 021000021
Acct. No.: 700890531
For the account of: one2one USA Foundation

Donate stock of publicly traded companies to:

DTC Eligible Securities Contributions/Transfers
Firm: Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
DTC No.: 0164, Code 40
Acct. No.: 37917330
Acct. Name: one2one USA Foundation

(Kindly include a 2.2% transaction fee e.g. $16,500 + $363(2.2%) = $16,836 PayPal payment.)