one2one USA Foundation

Alternative ways to donate

Send a check to:

one2one USA Foundation
P.O. Box 727
Short Hills, NJ 07078

Wiring instructions:

JP Morgan Chase, N.A.
111 Wall Street
New York, New York 10005
ABA No.: 021000021
Acct. No.: 700890531
For the account of: one2one USA Foundation

Donate stock of publicly traded companies to:

DTC Eligible Securities Contributions/Transfers
Firm: Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
DTC No.: 0164, Code 40
Acct. No.: 37917330
Acct. Name: one2one USA Foundation

(Kindly include a 2.2% transaction fee e.g. $16,500 + $363 (2.2%) = $16,836 PayPal payment.)

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