Donors, a husband and wife with three daughters, came to us hoping to improve the educational opportunities for inner city girls entering high school. As a father of 3 girls, he was keenly motivated to help support this cause and was hoping to use one2one USA as a vehicle to allow his daughters to understand the impact of their donation.

With the help of our Partner Charity New Jersey SEEDS, we found two academically talented girls who had been accepted to private high schools but could not fill the gap between their financial aid and the cost of tuition. After vetting these two candidates, our Donor was able to speak with each of the girls and their families to learn more about them. The process concluded with the Donor and his family filling the financial gap in the scholarship coverage for both candidates.

If not for these Donors, the girls would not have had access to such highly-ranked schools. Each student is excelling at her respective school, playing sports, participating in and starting clubs, and working hard at their studies. We continue, with these Donors, to watch the girls’ excitement and accomplishments.

“Your kindness has inspired me to help other students…one day I will be able to help them achieve their academic goals just as you have helped me to attend a great school!” said KC, one of the students.

A Donor came to us with the intent to help Military Veterans. one2one USA found a potential donee from one of our Partner charities. This donee, a husband and a father of two small children, had been paralyzed and was dealing with many personal and financial hardships. Specifically, he was in need of financial assistance to help cover the cost of a temporary hotel stay for him and his family while their home was being retrofitted to accommodate his disability. The Donor and donee spoke on the phone and had a very poignant conversation. Without hesitation, the Donor immediately decided to fund the temporary lodging cost. Both the Donor and donee felt grateful for the opportunity to have met each other. At the conclusion of the conversation, the donee said

“It’s not every day we get good news. In our situation, we have good days and not so good days, but today is a good day! Thank you so very much!”

to which the Donor replied,

“I feel the same way. I don’t get to give back like this so today is a very good day for me too”

A Donor who had raised her own children and is now a doting grandmother to several boys came to us with an interest in helping foster children. Through Foster Pride, one of our partner charities, one2one USA became aware of MD, a 19-year-old boy who had aged out of the foster care system. MD showed great promise and motivation as a freshman at a local community college and as an intern at the NYC Department of Law, in fact MD has excelled at nearly everything he’s tried. Our Donor was paired with this young man and is now assisting him with his college tuition and his internship stipend. 

Our Donor was so touched when MD’s foster care advisor said, “I wish I could capture the ear-to-ear smile on his face when he found out about the grant – truly life-changing!”