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What is one2one USA?

one2one USA is a 501(c)(3) that is changing the way charitable giving works. Our goal is to create a community of Donors who, by helping one person at a time, will collectively improve countless lives.

What was the inspiration for one2one USA?

one2one USA was conceived with the objective of creating a new model for philanthropy that would make the process of donating more customizable, transparent and impactful. By enabling Donors to give based on causes that inspire them and fostering ongoing interactions with donees, our belief is that Donors will not only give, but give even more.

What makes one2one USA unique?

Through a one2one USA Charitable Program, Donors can donate to an individual in need and receive a tax deduction for that donation. Donors also have the opportunity to submit and/or select potential donees for that Charitable Program and our process allows for complete transparency, so our Donors see where every dollar goes.

What is a Charitable Program?

A one2one USA Charitable Program is the vehicle through which we connect Donors with donees, tailored to a Donor’s philanthropic interest.

How does the process work?

Donors identify a cause that inspires them to help individuals in need. one2one USA transforms that inspiration into a Charitable Program, researches the cause and then sources and vets candidates for a Donor’s consideration. After selection of one or more eligible donees and final Board Approval, funds are disbursed directly to a service provider for the benefit of the donees. 

How do you determine the eligibility of donees?

Donees complete a comprehensive application to determine merit and need that includes, among other things, financial information, personal essays, and references. We then review all the submitted information, liaise with Partner Charities when relevant, and conduct interviews with donees when appropriate. Screening is initially done by the one2one USA Selection Committee and donees are then ultimately approved by the Board. 

I’d like to donate anonymously. Is that possible?

Sure. Your donations can remain anonymous to the donee, and it’s up to you to decide how much interaction you would like to have with the donee. 

Can I get status updates on my donee?

Sure. A one2one USA staff member can help set up parameters for any ongoing interaction with the donees or simply act as a liaison (i.e., receipt of personal letters/emails, receipt of transcripts or meetings in person).

Can I donate to family member or a non-U.S. citizen through a Charitable Program?

No, family members and non-U.S. citizens are not eligible recipients.

How does one2one USA work with existing charities?

one2one USA prides itself on establishing mutually strategic partnerships with other charitable organizations called Partner Charities. We seek to be a complimentary resource for our Partner Charities when their existing programs may be limited by financial constraints. For one2one USA, these partnerships allow for more efficient sourcing and vetting of potential donees.


“I’ve worked with small foundations in the past, and I love and appreciate one2one’s compassion for this work. They get very detailed and have a good understanding of donees’ lives. You can see the thoughtfulness that goes into every part of the process. In the end, these are substantial grants that are life-changing.”

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