HBO Global Distribution Team Generously Donates To California Wildfire Victims

Dec 17, 2018 | Donor stories

HBO Inspires approached one2one USA about creating a program to help an individual affected by the recent California wildfires as part of an employee holiday fundraiser.  Through one2one USA’s customized donee search, and with the help of our partner The Jewish Federation of Los Angeles, we discovered 16-year-old Abby.  She and her parents have lived year-round at a camp in California since the day she was born, where her father runs the camp’s maintenance.  The family managed to narrowly escape their home before the entire camp burned down.  Abby has been a valued volunteer at the camp for many years.  “This past summer Abby worked for our horse program and was an amazing asset to have. She has been a wonderful part of our camp family,” said the camp’s Director.

With assistance from another camp family, Abby and her parents are currently living in cramped quarters in the family’s guest room.  Despite this huge disruption in her family’s life, Abby continues to attend high school without much needed educational and day-to-day supplies. The HBO team was able to raise significant funds for Abby, enabling her to purchase a computer and other items that she needs to move forward with her life as a 16-year-old.  On a recent call with Abby and her family, she expressed sincere gratitude, stating “Thank you for helping us out, for your support, and for sharing our story. We are here trying our best to keep going and to move forward. one2one USA and HBO, we are so grateful for your help. Thank you so much.”

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