Keeping Families Together

May 11, 2018 | Donor stories, Military

We recently worked with a Donor who wanted to help Military veterans and their families. In the process of identifying potential donees, we came across a retired Marine who had served our country for over 15 years. His son had a heart condition that forced him to endure multiple heart surgeries, some with life-threatening complications.

The most recent surgery was taking place across the country and insurance coverage for travel expenses was limited to the son and one parent.   When our Donor heard about this particular donee, he immediately offered to contribute towards the cost of flights for the rest of the family, as well as rental car expenses during their stay.

The Donor had the opportunity to realize his philanthropic aspirations in a way he never had been able to before, and the donee and his family were grateful that they could be together to support each other. 

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