Hydro Panel System Opens at Kimball Food Bank

Bluefield Daily TelegraphBy Emily D. Coppola, Nov 17, 2019 KIMBALL — McDowell County is now running state of the art technology to create water from solar-powered panels, at Five Loaves and Two Fishes food bank in Kimball. On Saturday the first testing and tasting...

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Student Meets Her University Donors

Click here to read the article By Robert Wirsing - September 5, 2019   Siga Diarra, the daughter of a Malawian immigrant and the oldest of three siblings being raised by a single mother, recently met the couple donating money towards her four year education at...

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Windsor girl receives new prosthetic

By Dylan Kuhn – WIVT-TVAugust 5, 2019 WATCH IT HERE WINDSOR, N.Y. – A Windsor girl was given some help so she can do more of what she loves. 9-year-old Myleanna Seidlecky participated in her final fitting for her prosthetic blade at A Step Ahead Prosthetics in...

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little girl gets prosthetic leg

Stepping Out

Hicksville facility fits 9 year old with prosthetic leg By Allison Eichler – Hicksville News August 6, 2019 “It happened so fast, a split second, but from day one she was strong as can be. An absolute rockstar.” These words come from 9-year-old Myleanna Siedlecky’s...

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stepping out amputee one2one