one2one USA Donee Begins Vocational School and a New Future

Nov 1, 2018 | Donor stories

After shooting hoops and spending time with a group of young men at a weekly open gym hosted by the Bronx-based organization, My Brother’s Keeper, a Donor was inspired. He felt a connection to these men, and saw their potential to succeed. He came to one2one USA with the hopes of providing one of them with a life-changing opportunity.

one2one USA created a Vocational School Program for youth interested in pursuing a trade school education. The Donor encouraged us to work with My Brother’s Keeper, and with their help, we identified an 18 year-old who was excited by the prospect of attending a trade school and was also committed to having a brighter future to help support his single mother and siblings.

Our Donor was thrilled to fund the tuition for this bright, motivated, and worthy young man to attend the Electrical Program at the Apex Technical School in New York. Our donee has just finished his first week, and he is so excited and most appreciative to pursue this incredible opportunity!



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