one2one USA Provides Technological Access to Students in Need

Aug 13, 2020 | General

NEW YORK, NY – August 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has influenced many spheres of everyday life, one of which is education. Children and teens across the world have been ushered into the world of virtual learning to comply with social distancing regulations. With mandatory video instruction, online assignments, and other digital activities, students of all ages are forced to rely on technology more than ever before. This has resulted in even greater barriers to education for youth who do not have the necessary tools, such as laptops or internet access, at home.

As part of our COVID Relief programs, one2one has sought to combat this plight with the help of the many of our trusted partners including SEO, Castle Athletics, Child Care Council of Westchester and Foster Pride.

Several one2one Donors have contributed to the NYC Students Educational Resources Program, which is still open for donations.

In one example, over 50 laptops were donated to students in the SEO Scholars Program, enabling them to access the materials and instruction necessary for them to continue to nurture their academic potential. One thankful student has said, “the ability to access technology and new tools in my studies will definitely impact my growth as a student. I hope you continue to support students of color and from first-generation backgrounds, as it will contribute to change for our future generations.” These laptops have helped students to engage in summer programming and will continue to remove technological barriers for students in the fall.

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