Partner Charity Spotlight – New Jersey SEEDS

Feb 20, 2018 | Our Partners

New Jersey SEEDS is a non-profit organization that prepares motivated, low-income students for admission to private schools and colleges across the country. Recently, a Donor, and mother of five school-aged children, came to us with the hope of using one2one USA as a way to facilitate more family discussions and activities around philanthropy. New Jersey SEEDS presented us with four students who only had partial funding in place for their scholarships.

After much discussion with her children, the Donor and her family decided to fund all four students! Without the support of this Donor, three of the four students would have been attending low-performing public high schools. Now, all of these students are able to attend their chosen school and we are grateful for the help from our Partner Charity New Jersey SEEDS as well as the generous contribution of this Donor.

It’s about one person helping another

Our mission is to transform the existing charity model by connecting individuals directly with those in need in a customizable, transparent and impactful way. Our hope is to create a community of active Donors who, by helping one person at a time, will collectively improve countless lives.

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