Unique College Prep Program Continues in 3rd Year with 9th Student Grantee

Aug 15, 2022 | General

Applying to college can be overwhelming. When a Donor’s oldest child started the process, they recruited a college counselor and SAT tutor and were amazed at the amount of advice and help that these resources provided. They quickly realized that students in underserved communities or First Gen college students don’t have the resources for or the same access to this extra-help and guidance.

That’s when the Donor felt inspired to help. “We felt an obligation to help these families and their high school students receive the same opportunities that our daughter had.” said the Donor. “We wanted to get to the students before college, help them with their writing, their testing, finding the right school that fits their needs and just give them overall guidance.” They approached one2one USA with the hopes of providing support to neighboring, underserved schools. 

one2one USA Foundation and the Donor worked together to create the New York College Prep Program which contributes annual funding for test prep and college counseling for promising high school juniors in underserved schools, initiating in Ossining and Peekskill New York. To implement this program, one2one went in search of a suitable partner organization that would provide the test prep and counseling for these students. Several companies were interviewed, and we ultimately partnered with Private Prep, a full-service testing, tutoring and college counseling company, to help accomplish our mission. 

“one2one is making this world a better place one partnership at a time.  Our work together has enabled us to expand our reach and impact more lives.” said Stephanie Lob, the Director of Community Engagement at Private Prep. “Our missions are aligned, and we have a mutual commitment to put forth the best support possible for our students.  In all our years of teaming up with schools and organizations, we have never had such a seamless, positive and empowering collaboration. It’s truly a win for all, and most of all, our students” 

Members of our team work with the counselors in both Ossining and Peekskill High Schools to identify students who qualify based on the Program’s parameters and would be dedicated candidates for the Program. Each candidate who is interested in the program applies and after the candidates are vetted, interviewed, and approved by our board, they are then presented to the Donor who chooses the students they want to fund. Since the Program began, one2one and three generous Donors have sponsored nine talented high schoolers with test prep and counseling to help them achieve their academic goals. The first cohort of three students recently graduated high school and all are on their way to college in the Fall. The second cohort will be starting senior year this fall and are in the throes of the testing and admissions process and the latest two students just finished their sophomore year and are just beginning to work with Private Prep. 

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