Windsor girl receives new prosthetic

Aug 8, 2019 | Media page

By Dylan Kuhn – WIVT-TV
August 5, 2019


WINDSOR, N.Y. – A Windsor girl was given some help so she can do more of what she loves. 9-year-old Myleanna Seidlecky participated in her final fitting for her prosthetic blade at A Step Ahead Prosthetics in Hicksville on Long Island. 

A lawn mower accident led to Myleanna having her left leg below her knee amputated. A Step Ahead was able to gift her a new prosthetic blade thanks to the One2One USA Foundation. Myleanna is an active runner and dancer, and this lighter prosthetic blade will help her run faster and perform better. 

She tried on her blade and tested it out for the final time before bringing it home where she will now be able to incorporate it into her everyday life. 

The blade is not covered by insurance so without the help of One2One this would not have been possible for Myleanna.

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